Idle Craft

Posted on Aug 19, 2018

Game controls:

Use the mouse to have the game started.

Game Description

Idle Craft screenshot

Players find it hard to look for treasures in the Minecraft world, since they must spend time traveling around locations, mining blocks, and exploring scary caves. In spite of their great effort, they can not always find out what they expect. But, enjoying IdleCraft brings you different taste. You will be dazzled by an opportunity to mine an unlimited number of precious things without wandering around difficult terrains. How fantastic! Here we are!

As an Idle Clicker game, it revolves around mining any suggested items to earn points and buying possible upgrades so as to level up the mining process. Initially, hit the rotating block till the HP budget is full of points. Second, the best use of this fund is to spend on other robust upgrades, like gold axes, Enderdragon, diamond pickaxes, and more.

What are you thinking, guys? Enter IdleCraft with fine experience now! Have fun!

Use the mouse to have the game started.