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Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Posted on Aug 19, 2018

Game controls:

Play the game by using the left mouse.

Game Description

Minecraft Tower Defense 2 screenshot

Oh no! Steve is now confronting bunches of harmful critters in Minecraft Tower Defense 2! They are flocking towards his shelter with the aim of stealing his treasure. Hurry up! Please protect the treasure from their evil devastation, dear players!

This mission is more challenging than you think. First of all, dig blocks around Steve to create a path that can lead to the house. Spend the given budget on buying suitable protection items which can be used to set up an efficient defense system. Such the protection items include traps and turrets that you may see right after hitting the path. The powerful deployment is said to play an important role in fighting off all the enemies. Try to block their progress at all means.

Show your striking leadership throughout Minecraft Tower Defense 2. Hope that you are lucky enough to win the battle!

Play the game by using the left mouse.